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Will the confectionery market share in Vietnam change?

Kido Group has just announced business results for the first quarter of 2022 with extremely positive numbers

Revenue reached 2,879 billion dong, up 24% over the same period in the first quarter of 2021.

The business said that the cooking oil industry continued to contribute positively to the overall revenue when accounting for nearly 88% of the proportion, the rest came from the food industry.

Kido also completed construction and officially put into operation KIDO’s Bakery Confectionery Factory with an area of ​​12,735m², with an operating capacity of 19,044 tons/year from April 17. Accordingly, the unit aims to occupy the 2nd position in the fresh bakery industry in Vietnam.

With the Chuk Chuk retail chain, the group has successfully opened many offline stores covering all districts of Ho Chi Minh City and is preparing to move north in the near future. Vibev Joint Venture products have also been on the market since mid-March.

With the ice cream industry, the business is expected to invest in more machines, proactively source raw materials and expand strongly into new categories such as snacks, moon cakes, fresh cakes… in which the goal is to occupy 2 position in the fresh bakery industry this year.

F&B Chuk Chuk chain continues its strategy of deeply penetrating the domestic market and gradually reaching out to the world. The joint venture will expand to develop beverage products.

Source: Zing