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Vietnam Airlines teams up with Viettel in digital conversion

The 8-year partnership

Vietnam Airlines and Viettel together signed a strategic cooperation deal for 2021 – 2025. Viettel will support Vietnam Airlines in digital transformation, offering a customers’ self check-in system. Viettel will also offer business management, infrastructure services, IT systems. Vietnam Airlines will provide products and services for Viettel under a preferential trade policy. They will coordinate with each other to build a service ecosystem for customers of both sides. Vietnam Airlines has prioritised Viettel as its freight transport partner. They have cooperated since 2013 for developing and diversifying products and services. They have also enhanced business performance to strengthen their leading positions in aviation and technology. The partnership will promote the development of a logistics and e-commerce center. They will establish a joint venture (JV) to consolidate and expand cooperation in the future. This JV will boost the national socio-economic development.

Vietnam Airlines joins the national digital conversion with Viettel

Viettel will provide internet connectivity to aircraft operated by Vietnam Airlines using “Air to Ground” networks. This will generate new experiences to the passengers. Vietnam Airlines will trial a digital travel pass for COVID-19 test results and vaccine certificates. The IATA Travel Pass initiative allows people to store verified COVID-19 test and vaccination certificates on a smartphone app. Passengers need a negative COVID-19 result and vaccination certificate issued by authorized facilities registered with IATA. The national flag carrier hopes that the Government will consider and recognize this solution, towards promoting resumption of international routes. The digital health passport has officially come into effect for EU members from July 1, 2021.

IATA Travel Pass
Illustration for the digital health passport

Vietnam Airlines is resuming international flights

Vietnam Airlines has resumed international commercial operations after a long hiatus. All passengers have to show that they have tested COVID-19 negative based on RT-PCR three days before departure. They also have to submit papers for quarantine registration in Vietnam and install Bluezone. This is a Bluetooth-based app that shows if a person has been close to a COVID-19 patient. All will be tested on landing and again six days later. Those COVID-19 positve tested will be admitted for treatment. The rest can move from the quarantine center to isolation at home, workplace or hotel. They will have to complete the 14-day mandatory quarantine under the supervision of local authorities.

Vietnam Airlines will reopen international commercial flights connecting Hanoi and HCMC with Australia, several Asian, European destinations. On return trips, the airlines will only carry Vietnamese repatriates or foreign experts with permission to enter the country. Vietnam is yet to open its doors to foreign tourists. These international routes meet growing travel demand among Vietnamese citizens to study and work abroad. There are also stranded foreigners longing to return home.

Sources of information include VNExpress and Vietnam+.