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Kicked off in March 2021, with 7 kick-off events across Vietnam and a series of domestic and international online events, more than 155 newspapers around the world have reported on the Startup Wheel 2021. The competition has received more than 1,900 projects from 24 countries around the world (from 5 continents). Startup Wheel has received attraction and prestige through registration from thousands of projects around the world, even the countries affected by Covid-19 such as India, the UK, Russia,…It can be said that, after 9 years of organization, Startup Wheel become one of the largest annual competitions for the Vietnamese startup community in particular and the world in general, co-organized by the Business Startup Support Center (BSSC) and the Young Business Association of Ho Chi Minh City (YBA) under the direction of the Vietnam Youth Federation of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnamese Students’ Association and the HCM City Department of Science and Technology. Startup Wheel 2021 was started and pre-qualification in the context that the world suffered many negative impacts caused by the Covid-19, especially in Vietnam.  Unlike previous years, most of the pre-qualification activities took place online this year, but that doesn’t make Startup Wheel any less attractive.

In general, since the economy has many negative impacts, startups also face many difficulties. 2021 is probably the year when businesses are “hit” harder by Covid-19 than the previous year. However, from a positive side, the “Covid-19 storm” is also a good test and exercise to help startups improve their “health”, focus on their strengths, and subsistence. If they survive this storm, they will have a lot of “land” to grow, because not every project can be strong enough to withstand such storms. Therefore, the projects that participate in Startup Wheel 2021 are the projects that really have “qualities” and “inner strength”, which can survive and thrive to compete on the “stage” of Startup Wheel. Therefore, choosing the Top 100 of the Startup Wheel 2021 – Vietnam Track is a difficult problem for both the Judges and the Organizer.

After 4 months of screening, pre-qualification, and selection, the Startup Wheel 2021 has “disclosed” the Top 100 startups in the Vietnam Track, announced on July 1, 2021.


Mr. Phan Hung Dung – Chairman & CEO of Fiore Group, Vice Chairman of Saigon Entrepreneurs Club said that when he saw the image of enthusiasm, dreams, and ambitions of Vietnam startups, he wanted to be part of fostering, accompanying a generation of young entrepreneurs and the prospect of developing business models, with the dream of finding the next “unicorn” startup of Vietnam and the region. During many years with Startup Wheel, he felt the practical significance of the program for startups, in line with the orientation of Fiore Group both in long-term vision and criteria and methods of implementation. That is why he decided to go with Startup Wheel more deeply in many roles such as Jury, Investor, Mentor…

Ms. Nguyen Thi Dieu Hang – CEO of BSSC, Vice President of Young Business Association of Ho Chi Minh City (YBA) who is also the Director of the Startup Wheel said: “In 2021, when startup projects around the world are really “beaten” by COVID-19, the number of applications comes from India and Europe was a sharp decline. However, with its prestige and influence over the past 8 years, Startup Wheel 2021 still receives more than 1,900 projects around the world. Overall, Startup Wheel 2021’s Top 100 Vietnam Track has a better maturity and development than previous years. Clearly, to be able to get through a tempestuous year of the pandemic, a startup definitely needs to have strong enough internal strength and be “stubborn”.”

She also said: “In terms of industries, this year saw a growth in the registration rate of projects in healthcare, education, and e-commerce because these are probably also areas that have the ability to “sustain” and develop in the “covid storm”. Therefore, we find that the most dominant field in the TOP 100 Startup Wheel 2021 is service/support solutions for E-commerce (E-Commerce Enabler), EdTech, Health Care, SAAS,…”

Overcoming 1,764 projects of the Vietnam Track, Startup Wheel 2021 announced and honored the TOP 100 outstanding projects of the Vietnam Track:

After being selected in the Top 100 “startup warriors” of Startup Wheel 2021, from July 2021, Top 100 projects will enter the training phase and equip the necessary “weapons” to enter the TOP 60 Vietnam Track. Top 60 will appear on the largest Virtual Investment Day in Vietnam, where thousands of connections will take place between typical projects of Startup Wheel 2021 and hundreds of investors from Vietnamese and regional investment funds. Virtual Investment Day is scheduled to take place on 6th August 2021, before moving to the annual Startup Day 2021 event scheduled to be held on 20th August 2021 in Ho Chi Minh City. However, due to the complicated COVID-19 situation, Startup Wheel will continue to update the exact time of Startup Day 2021 on the official communication channels of Startup Wheel and BSSC. Currently, Startup Wheel continues to conduct a preliminary selection of the International Board to select the Top 50 outstanding international startups of Startup Wheel 2021.

Information about Startup Wheel 2021 will be continuously updated at official channels:

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