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Mekong Capital invested $8.8 million in LiveSpo Global

Vietnam-based private equity firm Mekong Capital invested $8.8 million in LiveSpo Global. LiveSpo is a local consumer health product company founded in 2010. It produces spore-based probiotics in liquid form, multi-strains, and high concentration. LiveSpo’s technology formulates spore-based probiotics in liquid form for faster absorption. It produces a combination of multi-strains of probiotics and high concentration. This combination enhances the treatment of intestinal diseases’ symptoms, especially the colon. Meanwhile, the most common forms of probiotic products are powder or capsules. But these forms require a long time for the bacteria to be absorbed. And most probiotics cannot survive in the acidic gastric environment of the stomach before reaching and improving the intestinal system.

LiveSpo Global’s Colon products

“Before meeting LiveSpo Global I had already been very interested in the health benefits of maintaining a healthy microbiome. But I have also learned so much as a result of our engagement with LiveSpo Global. I learned about the broader applications of naturally occurring probiotics in areas such as skin health, reducing the need for antibiotics, reducing cholesterol levels and even maintaining mental health,” said Chris Freund, partner at Mekong Capital.

Chris Freund, CEO of Mekong Capital

Formerly ANABIO R&D, LiveSpo launched its first commercial spore-based probiotics in water form in 2013. The company has exported since 2014 to more than 20 countries. LiveSpo’s domestic revenue comes from the pharmacy channel and the company’s website. In terms of exports, it promotes online sales to the US and Europe via LiveSpo is Mekong Enterprise Fund IV (MEF IV)’s fourth investment. MEF IV is Mekong Capital’s largest fund launched in January 2021 with $246 million in committed capital. It invested in chocolate crafter Marou Chocolate, water purifiers manufacturer and distributor Mutosi Group, and cosmetics retailer HSV Group.

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