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POC Pharma successfully raised $10.3 million

Pharmacy Online Concierge (POC Pharma) successfully raised $10.3 million in Series A funding round. This round is led by Alven fund, with the participation of Picus Capital, FEBE Ventures, FJ Labs. Olivier Raussin from Febe Ventures once commented: “We are impressed by the attractiveness that POCs can create in the Vietnamese market, and also the network effect they can get from providing added value for all parties in the value chain”. The new funding will be used to accelerate the rollout of digital marketing solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. This pharmaceutical technology startup will also expand the market to countries in Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.


About POC Pharma

POC Pharma is a SaaS platform in the pharmaceutical sector based in Vietnam and Hong Kong. The platform was co-founded by Thomas Miklavec and Charles Defrance in 2019. The platform specialises in providing an omnichannel platform for pharmacies, drug manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers. POC Pharma has many experienced executives from Lazada, IQVIA and Pharmaceutical companies. POC Pharma also has partners with big names in the global pharmaceutical market, namely Bayer Pharma and Pfizer. “POC Pharma has demonstrated the significant benefits they can bring to the pharmaceutical retail channel and we see great potential in them,” said Rodolphe Menegaux, partner at Alven.


POC Pharma on iOS and Android

POC Pharma is now available on iOS and Android.


The two co-founders developed Sanisphere. It is a company dedicated to providing data, advanced analytics solutions, and expert advice to help pharmaceutical companies gain commercial advantage in emerging markets. “The model of association and access to the pharmaceutical market is still traditional. We will soon see the revolution of the B2B model in many industries and countries. We believe that pharmaceuticals is not an exception to this movement.” , said MBA Miklavec. “Customer’s expectations and needs are constantly changing. This requires us to move in the ‘Phygital’ direction – incorporating the digital experience into the real customer experience,” said Mo Yasin, CCO of Bayer Pharma.

Source of information include Dealstreet Asia.