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Korean startup serves online English tutoring in VN

Do Ventures announced its investment in Ringle’s Series A funding round. This investment supports this Korean startup’s expansion in the Vietnamese market in 2022.


About Ringle

Ringle was established in 2015, headquartered in Seoul, Korea. This startup offers online English tutoring. The tutors come from leading universities in the world, especially in the US and UK, including the Ivy League. Ringle aims at young workers who want to advance in their careers and students who want to study abroad. This service provides an AI-based learning system. Ringle has over 1,300 teachers, 950 learning topics, and a diverse library of videos and supplemental materials.


Korean voice recognition technology for EnglishRingle’s voice recognition technology


Ringle is led by Seunghoon Lee and Sungpah Lee. Both graduated from Stanford University’s MBA program. This startup was born from the needs and experiences of the two co-founders themselves during their study in the US and improving their English skills. International trade in Vietnam is growing strongly with lots of business opportunities. Seunghoon believes Ringle will bring an effective educational product to the young population in Vietnam. This product will help them achieve greater goals in today’s global context.


The potentials in the Vietnamese market of this Korean edtech startup

In Vietnam, English is a compulsory subject from Grade 3 onwards. Traditional teaching methods often lean towards grammar. Vietnamese people’s ability to communicate and use English therefore is still limited. However, English has gradually become a common language used at work. The younger generation is also increasingly viewing English as a prerequisite for getting a good job. Accordingly, English skills remain one of the top priorities for Vietnamese to compete in the globalised world.


Ringle Docs toolThe tool, Ringle Docs, helps correct English errors


Le Hoang Uyen Vy, CEO of Do Ventures assessed that Ringle’s products are suitable for the Vietnamese market. This startup gives learners a high-quality English-speaking environment with tutors from world-renowned universities. Do Ventures will accompany Ringle in the Vietnamese market to help this startup bring the best educational products suitable for Vietnamese people. Sungpah said the funding helps Ringle improve the effectiveness of AI features that analyse each student’s speaking speed, vocabulary, and pronunciation from the recording. These features help them self-assess, improve the complexity, accuracy, and fluency in speaking English. This startup also promotes personalised assessment of lessons based on each student’s learning history.

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