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What is left after 14 years of running Facebook by Sheryl Sandberg?

More than a decade of officially closing the curtain of the Meta corporation star, “female general” Sheryl Sandberg has resigned as COO of Facebook after 14 years, this is no longer a rumor when Mark Zuckerberg confirmed on Facebook from June 2. 

Talking about the reason for the disbandment, many commented that the “female general” of Facebook (now Meta) left the COO chair because she was too bored with the “sandbag” scene after a series of scandals related to politics and life. private.

However, with 14 years of great dedication to the corporation, and a 1,000-word wordless letter of disappointment, is Sheryl Sandberg’s decision to leave the right place? Is it “the last drop of water” like what the press is dissecting?

Originally from the Treasury Department during the Clinton administration, then from Google. Meeting Mark was a coincidence, and she is also the CEO of Facebook to write a new page for the world Internet community with Facebook when no one knew of a giant that is dominating technology like now, no. No one can deny Sheryl’s dedication, when under her she has collected $ 115 billion in advertising revenue by 2021.

As one of Mark’s early collaborators, experts say that Mark is good at strategy, but taking Facebook to the top requires talented management of Sheryl.

Mark also added that Sheryl was the “best hiring decision” of his years as a leader.

Sheryl’s departure leaves a huge rift in the world advertising community, not only for Meta but also for its global partners, in addition, Meta’s stock has dropped about 2.5% in value. Although there is no solid proof, news sites are still spreading the theory that Sheryl Sandberg left this position because “is losing power and influence at the company”, or “Sheryl is too tired to bear the burdens of the company. criticism regarding data privacy and user safety.”

However, is that really the reason Sheryl Sandberg left Meta after 14 years on the job? That only current Meta internals can answer.

Source: Advertising Vietnam