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Apple will produce IPad in Vietnam

There have been many rumors and questions about whether Apple will really set up its manufacturing plant in Vietnam from 2020, and by the middle of this year, perhaps the answer will be “Yes”.

According to information recorded from Nikkei Asia, Apple has moved some iPad production from China to Vietnam after realizing that the Covid-19 outbreak in Shanghai could lead to supply chain disruptions. for many months to come.

BYD, one of China’s leading iPad assemblers, has helped Apple build production lines in Vietnam. In addition, small-volume production of iPads will soon begin here. After AirPods, the iPad will become Apple’s second product line to be manufactured in the Southeast Asian country.

To avoid disruptions to the supply chain, Apple is also asking suppliers to increase the number of components such as circuit boards, mechanical and electronic parts, especially those manufactured around Shanghai. .

The group also asked suppliers outside the isolated area to accumulate components to ensure supply in the next few months. In addition, to ensure that critical materials for the production process arrive on time, Apple has taken care of the logistics costs for air and road transport.

Source: Nikkei Asia