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Virtual Internships Startup edtech based in Vietnam successfully raised 14.3 million USD

Virtual Internships, a UK- and Vietnam-based startup focused on providing internships for students in Vietnam and around the world, has just raised capital in a Series A funding round. led by Hambro Perks succeeded.

Founded in 2018 by Daniel Nivern and Ed Holroyd Pearce, Virtual Internships operates in 25 countries around the world.

“We have seen a social shift towards remote work, a trend that we believe will continue to accelerate. We should embrace the opportunities this presents,” said Virtual Internships CEO Daniel Nivern.

Participating in this funding round are investors Sequoia India and Southeast Asia’s Surge, Arsenal Growth, Kaplan, Ascend Vietnam Ventures and STIC Investments.

The startup says that regardless of location, background, major and career field, Virtual Internships will give students the opportunity to practice at startups and blue-chip companies for one month. Virtual Internships estimates that every 7.5 minutes a new company joins the network.

Virtual Internships, founded in 2018 by Daniel Nivern and Ed Holroyd Pearce, works with universities, governments, foundations and corporations to provide students, graduates or employees with the opportunity. recruitment, 70% of interns work directly with the founder or executives at the host company. In which, about 25% of students are invited to continue working with the company after completing the internship through this platform.

According to market research organization Ken Research, the global dtech market is expected to reach a value of 319.7 billion USD by 2029 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.8%.