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The fate is over, let’s sue each other!

Back to the trillion-dollar deal of Elon Musk and Twitter, Twitter officially filed a lawsuit against this billionaire on the grounds of “an investment joke”.

Elon jokes at Twitter

According to Bloomberg citing Twitter’s documents to the Court of Chancery, Delaware on July 18 that damaged the company, disrupted internal operations, destroyed shareholder value and then walked away.

The $44 billion deal that was indifferent as a game of the richest billionaire on the planet was sued by Twitter, specifically after a feverish April offer, but Elon withdrew suddenly because it was no longer valuable to him.

Twitter CEO shared this is a joke of Elon with promises, he created a scenario with unreasonable demands, erratic uncooperative attitude.

From the perspective of Twitter, the impact of this deal has caused the shares of this corporation to be shadowed, making Twitter’s value more than 3 months up and down unstable.

As for Musk…

He gave three reasons why the sale was difficult to close. He accused Twitter of not providing enough information about the number of fake accounts on the platform, lacking transparency in providing data to regulators and not giving warning before firing two executives. recent keynote.

However, Twitter has denied the allegations, the lawsuit is also a response to Twitter’s billionaire when accusing him of finding ways to ruin the deal. He violated an agreement not to post tweets critical of Twitter and its board of directors.

The social networking company said that the main reason why the billionaire wanted to leave the deal was because the price of Tesla shares fell. “Ever since the market went down, Musk has started showing signs of wanting to ‘cancel’ and repeatedly break the terms of the original agreement,” Twitter asserted.

Therefore, the social network asked the Delaware Court to hold a 4-day trial in September to complete the original deadline of the sale and purchase agreement of October 24. According to experts, Twitter will be the dominant party in this lawsuit.