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Sunlight encroaching on the perfume market?

Another bold step of Sunlight when officially launching a new fragrance line called “Smell of Home” although Sunlight has never entered this market.

Product diversification is one of the key strategies for businesses, helping to expand the accessibility of products in the market and increase revenue. The Sunlight brand has announced the upcoming launch of a fragrance called The Smell of the Home – an interesting experiment on the journey to honor the value of bonding and preserving the memory of scent.

 Inspired by the scents of childhood, Sunlight Home fragrance will bring users back to the “memory domain” with childhood emotions associated with the house and kitchen.

It is known that this is a project of the project to honor the value of bonding and preserving the memory of scent, Sunlight cleaning the floor launched a perfume gift set and a short film The smell of a home with the participation of singer Hoa Minzy. 

The scent that helps to bond and make family memories become unforgettable: the smell of warm dinner, the smell of the cool floor cleaner at noon in the summer, the smell of herbs planted in the garden after the rain,… We grow up, go away and become a connection with a peaceful childhood. If only I could pack that scent of memory in a bottle, I would cherish it like a luxury perfume bottle!

The film arouses strong emotions with lines that touch viewers’ hearts, such as “House not only has a roof, but also a background.” Every woman is not only a wife and mother. In the current small family, but also as a daughter and younger brother in your original family, please take care of and care for those loved ones while you can.

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Source: Sunlight