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PhinDeli to the US market

Vietnamese brand coffee going around the world is gradually being realized. When on April 11, the first shipment of PhinDeli was officially cleared to the US

The American dream in the Vietnamese coffee market has always had bright spots and PhinDeli has just taken an important step forward. Always appreciated in the Vietnamese coffee market, not only the inspirational story behind it but also a belief about Vietnamese coffee entering the world.

As a result of PhinDeli’s efforts in capturing the strong growth trend in bilateral trade between Vietnam and the US, the company has stepped up market research and PhinDeli product development with the aim of penetrating this market.

PhinDeli’s representative shared that in order to conquer the notoriously difficult and potential US market, PhinDeli and its partners have taken steps to certify according to strict international standards for coffee quality for the US market. Which PhinDeli meets the strict standards of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – one of the world’s leading organizations with the most difficult food standards requirements, and has been approved by this organization. FDA certification.

This is the result of PhinDeli’s long efforts to prove that the pure Vietnamese coffee brand can compete in the global market.

The starting point of PhinDeli from Cau Dat farm – one of the top quality coffee capitals in Vietnam. The altitude is more than 1,500m. Here, PhinDeli coffee is naturally nurtured, cared for, selected by devotion, cherished and meticulous in each production stage in order to keep the original flavor fully in the hands of consumers.

Taking export as a business goal in 2022. The successful export milestone to the US is the driving force for PhinDeli to move to more demanding markets, affirming the competitiveness of Vietnamese coffee

With a wide distribution network across the west coast of the US, especially in the states of California and Washington, PhinDeli expects to grow quickly and conquer this market in the near future. It is expected that this year, PhinDeli will continue to launch many high quality products in domestic and foreign markets with unique coffee flavors.

Source: Zing