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The market in early 2022 is exciting with many investments

StoreDot is invested by VinFast

StoreDot is pioneering ultra-fast charging battery (XFC) technology for electric vehicles based in Israel. This company has called Series D investment capital up to $80 million from VinFast. This money will be used to research and develop XFC using Silicon cathode. This type of ultra-fast charging battery accounts for a large proportion. StoreDot will also continue to develop solid-state battery technology with extremely high energy density. The company will scale up its global operations, ready for mass production by 2024.

Timo Bank is invested by Square Peg

Timo Bank has successfully raised $20 million from Square Peg. This is VC invested in unicorns Canva, FinAccel, Airwallex. Timo will develop product platform technology exclusively for the Vietnamese market. Timo was founded in 2015. This company provides essential payment-enabled digital banking products. Customers do not need to go to a physical branch to still access banking services. Timo Bank improves access and financial inclusion for people. Timo wants to be licensed to operate as an independent digital bank in Vietnam.

Many VCs invested in ASPO World

ASPO World is a Vietnam-based NFT game development startup. This startup has raised more than $3.5 million after more than 4 months of project implementation. Specifically, $2 million from Hashed funds, Icetea labs, GameFi, DaoMaker, Raptor Capital, … and $1.5 million after just over 4 days of INO sale. ASPO World will be launched from September 2021. Just after the first day of listing, the ASPO token trading volume has reached nearly 24 million USD. According to CoinMarketcap statistics, the total trading volume to date is estimated to have reached more than 1 billion USD.

GameStop is establishing many investment funds

GameStop (GME) is in talks with several blockchains and cryptocurrencies to understand demand in the market. GME will set up many $100-million funds to invest in artists, content creators, game studios. Play-to-Earn (P2E) games are currently the biggest craze in the NFT ecosystem. GME will dominate the P2E market with its vast gaming experience.

Tencent leaves the e-commerce markets

Sea will reduce Tencent Holdings’ voting power to less than 10%. This structural change helps Sea expand its operations beyond Southeast Asia. Tencent will also reduce its stake in from 17% to 2.3%. Tencent withdrew due to pressure from China on technology giants. This also causes corporations to reduce influence and power, reforming business operations.

Sources of information include DealstreetAsia and TechInAsia.