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L’ORÉAL PARIS Launches a Campaign to Help Chinese Women Confident with NATURAL SKIN COLOR

China is a market where the beauty standard is white skin and big eyes, but L’Oréal Paris did the opposite.

Specifically, L’Oréal Paris has partnered with Chinese lingerie and sunglasses brand Neiwai to launch the campaign “It takes boldness to be nude” to help Chinese women. Feel confident in your own skin.

Marketing experts in China said that this is a bold move by a foreign brand because the beauty standards of young Chinese people are red lips, white skin and big eyes.

During the implementation of the campaign, the McCann China Beauty team surveyed women with questions such as “What is your definition of nude color”, “What is your view on courage”,… Thereby, the research team found that many Chinese women lack confidence in their beauty due to traditional concepts.

Encouraging women to be confident in their natural beauty and skin tone, L’Oréal Paris and Neiwai have launched two lines of cotton lipstick and lingerie with a palette that matches Asian skin tones. . The products are named after the natural features of the body such as Little Freckles, Wheat-Color Tan, Nude Birthmark, etc. In TVC To promote the campaign, instead of looking for professional models, the brand chose ordinary women to portray the true meaning of the campaign. Quote from a share in TVC: ”I live my life true to myself, I don’t care what outsiders will make jokes about”.

Source: Advertising Vietnam