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Koidra has just successfully raised $4.5 million

A seed round that is led by OAS

Koidra is an agritech startup operating in Ho Chi Minh City and Seattle. This startup successfully raised $4.5 million in a seed round. This funding round was led by Ospraie Ag Science (OAS). This seed round also included participation from Amritam Holdings, Cavallo Ventures and Foothill Ventures. The new capital will be used by Koidra to improve the core technology of the startup’s greenhouses, farms, and factories. Besides, Koidra also wants to accelerate the recruitment of personnel with experience in technology and construction of farms and greenhouses for research and development purposes in Vietnam.
Nhà kính tự quản của startup agritech Koidra
Koidra’s greenhouse with autonomous technology
Most of Koidra’s customers are in advanced markets such as the US and Canada. However, this startup wants to “democratise” its technology solution, making it more affordable for emerging countries, mainly with small-scale agriculture like Vietnam. “We are impressed with Koidra’s autonomous growing technology and its portfolio of clients that include some of the largest greenhouses and indoor farms in North America. Their strengths fit perfectly with our objective to invest in innovations that help farmers do more with less environmental impact,” said Thomas Wiltrout, Director of OAS.

About the agritech startup Koidra

Koidra was founded by Kenneth Tran. Kenneth was formerly a Microsoft engineer. This agritech startup won the Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge 2018 sponsored by Tencent. Koidra says its autonomous greenhouse technology improves yields and reduces waste, combining crop modeling and machine learning physics, transforming agriculture into a controlled environment. Koidra’s technology allows farmers to monitor the growing environment and crops. At the same time, this technology helps farmers make optimal decisions about the climate for the growing area. This not only increases yields over time, but also minimises the risk of environmental damage due to intensive farming.

Source of information is TechInAsia.