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In the end of 2021, what are the investments in Vietnam

Vietnamese voice streaming platform successfully raised capital

OnMic is a real-time audio platform (voice streaming) developed by Vietnamese people. On December 22, 2021, this platform was invested during the seed round by Touchstone Partners. OnMic launched in June 2021. This entertainment platform is purely about audio for users during social distancing. After 6 months of launch, the platform has achieved 11 million live minutes with more than 20,000 shows. OnMic will continue to optimise the user experience and content creators.

VNG Cloud partners with AWS

VNG Cloud is one of the pioneers of digitisation in Vietnam. This unit and Amazon Web Services (AWS) develop vCloudcam, targeting corporate and international customers. In Vietnam, the entire vCloudcam security monitoring system operates on the cloud computing platform VNG Cloud. For Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, vCloudcam works on the Amazon Web Services platform. VNG Cloud also leads the trend of safety monitoring for B2B customers through the “fall warning”, limiting casualties, increasing the “golden time” for first aid for workers.

Singapore company invests in data center in Ho Chi Minh City

An FDI Worldwide DC Solution (Singapore) project of Ho Chi Minh City’s Hi-Tech Park has just been invested $70 million. Worldwide DC Solution will develop a data center project at OneHub Saigon Complex. This project provides rental services for servers, racks, storage space, co-location, and data center management. 1Hub Data Center will be located at Tower 7 OneHub Saigon Complex. 1Hub must meet the rigorous technical standards of a level 3 data center. This center is expected to complete construction and start operation in early 2025.

Oracle expands in the field of healthcare

Oracle has just expanded into the field of healthcare. The software maker bought electronic medical records company Cerner for $28.3 billion. This is also the largest acquisition of this business ever. Thanks to data from Cerner, Oracle can improve AI cloud services, saving a lot of costs. Cerner stock rose about 1%, while Oracle stock fell about 4%. The COVID-19 pandemic makes healthcare attractive to investors. Healthcare will be a difficult mountain to conquer for technology companies because it has not created a great momentum in the industry.

Sources of information include Thanhnien and Tuoitre.