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FPT Software pushes its activities in the Americas

The relation with an American partner in Japan

FPT Software has signed an agreement with the leading digital experience software provider Sitecore in the US. The agreement promotes digital marketing solutions for many businesses, especially in the Japanese market. The move comes amid a surge in demand for digital marketing services in Japan. 

The COVID-19 pandemic underscores the importance of digital experiences for all businesses. In Japan, Sitecore has confirmed its position. They have solutions that help businesses optimize their digital experiences. Digital marketing is also a key program of FPT Software. The company has 11 offices spread across Japan, contributing more than 50% of its total revenue from abroad. The relationship creates opportunities for Japanese businesses to exploit Sitecore’s solutions with support from FPT Software. The company connects Sitecore’s business ecosystem, accelerating digital marketing solutions. It also plans to promote digital marketing on the Sitecore platform for businesses.

FPT Software expands its operations in the Americas

FPT Software has cooperated with Udacity to provide intensive training for talented data staff. The program is led by experts in Silicon Valley. Cooperation with Udacity is part of the company’s long-term training strategy. This strategy enhances the capacity of data industry personnel such as data engineer, data analyst, data scientist. This is also a training program that this company deploys regularly for its employees. Many such programs enhance technological expertise in line with world trends. FPT Software expects to build a comprehensive technology team with consulting skills, providing effective solutions to support production, business and operation of partners. This gives the company a competitive edge globally. 

FPT Software has also established the first International Production Center in Costa Rica. Together with FPT India opening at the end of 2020, FPT Costa Rica creates a closed supply chain of services, technology solutions, and digital transformation for the English-speaking market. This is the company’s 52nd office in 25 countries and territories. The company has also invested in Intertec International. This is an American enterprise specializing in providing information technology services with more than 20 years of experience in Latin America. Under the agreement, FPT Software has the right to access and coordinate Intertec International’s resources in Costa Rica and Colombia. This relationship opens up business opportunities in the Americas for the company. 

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