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Tiki continue to follow the goal to become a “unicorn”

Delivery activities resume after social distancing

E-commerce platform Tiki raised an additional $136 million in investment capital. As a result, Tiki raised the total capital in the Series E round to $256 million. Tiki was founded in 2010. From selling books online, Tiki developed into a multi-item scale e-commerce platform. So as to follow that fact, Tiki is also known as “Vietnam’s Amazon”.

SAMO Holding successfully raised $5 million

TheBank the bank interest rate comparison platform of SAMO Holding.

SAMO Holding is the company behind Vietnam’s financial comparison platform TheBank. This company raised $5 million in a Series A round. UOB Venture Management, the investment arm of United Overseas Bank, led this round. SAMO also owns financial advisory platform MoMi and insurance distributor TheBank Assurance. SAMO will use this capital to expand its domestic business. The company will also expand its dealer network to provide a broader range of financial products. These products include loans, wealth management, and insurance.

Anfin successfully raised $510,000

Anfin’s smart stock investment application platform

Anfin is a Vietnamese stock trading app development company. This company successfully raised $510,000 from Global Founders Capital, First Check Ventures, R2 Venture Partners. Anfin was founded in June 2021. This company helps Vietnamese people have a faster and more convenient stock investment journey.

Modmo successfully raised €3 million

Modmo’s Saigon+ e-bike

Modmo is an Irish e-bike startup. This startup has 35 employees in Vietnam. This is where the research and development center and manufacturing plant are located. Modmo raised €3 million. Jack O’Sullivan founded Modmo in March 2020, when he was 23 years old. Modmo’s standout product is Saigon+, priced at €2,249.

Duolingo set a new target to follow outside the field of language teaching

Duolingo’ language learning app

Duolingo is developing a new app for Mathematical education. In May 2021, Duolingo looked for candidates with a PhD in Mathematics to build this app. This app will probably be for younger learners. The job posting wanted candidates with knowledge and experience in teaching Maths from Grade 3 to Grade 8. This app is one of hundreds of Duolingo’s business ideas over the past decade. It’s still pretty early to predict how Duolingo’s Maths teaching app will work. Tt’s still Duolingo’s first official foray outside linguistic fields.

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