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Dentsu’s Dream of Becoming a Global Agency

To be able to improve on its creative services, Denstu International has launched with the amalgamation of reputable agencies around the globe.

By merging DentsuMB, 360i and Isobar, Dentsu Creative was born after the Cannes Lions event announced by CEO Wendy Clark and Creative Director Fred Levron.

Dentsu Creative will operate in 17 key markets globally, including New York, Shanghai and London. Dentsu Creative’s team includes 9,000 in-house creative professionals, 37,000 traditional media and CXM (customer experience management) specialists from Dentsu International, and will work closely with Dentsu’s creative team in Japan. Accordingly, Dentsu Creative will be a combination of DentsuMB’s traditional branding capabilities, 360i’s digital expertise, and Isobar’s data and innovation capabilities.

This consolidation move is part of Dentsu’s broader growth strategy. The brand realizes that customers increasingly need to consolidate marketing services in a single company to simplify the process. With Dentsu Creative, Dentsu wishes to increase the quantity as well as improve the quality of its creative services even more. Besides, the merger also aims to realize the ambition to build a new comprehensive and global innovation network.

“Dentsu Creative will provide modern creative proposals, simplifying the response to customer needs, thereby improving the gaps and inefficiencies of an agency. “- CEO Wendy Clark shared.