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Chain of supply maintained due to Vietnamese businesses

Supermarkets chain administrator launches a food ordering app

BIPBIP’s app interface

Central Retail Vietnam is a multi-industry retail group. This is the unit that owns and directly manages the chain of many supermarket and hypermarkets such as GO!, Big C, Tops Market. This unit launched the BIPBIP app to order food with simple operations to purchase and pay. Its clear order information is also convenient for delivery. People can directly buy daily necessities with good price combos delivered to their homes or offices. Central Retail is working with local authorities to continue launching this app in many other areas across Vietnam.

A Vietnamese startup raised $1.1 million

Fonos’ app interface

Fonos is a digital audio startup. This Vietnamese startup raised $1.1 million from Hustle Fund and iSeed. AngelCentral and Shark Linh also participated in this seed round. Oscar Jesionek and Xuan Nguyen founded Fonos in 2020. Fonos provides audiobooks, book summaries, and other audio content. The startup’s monthly revenue increased by 5 times in 2021. Users also have increased by more than 80,000 in August. CEO Oscar Jesionek uses this capital to expand the content library to meet customer’s demands.

A Vietnamese food chain raised a million-dollar investment

A Homefarm store’s food

Alibaba’s eWTP Innovation and Technology Fund invested in Homefarm. This is a Vietnamese food chain with about 150 stores nationwide. This investment through the ReDefine Capital Fund is revealed to be seven-digited. With this investment, Homefarm will approach digital transformation. The chain will develop a modern sales method, ensuring input food sources to serve market demand. The chain will also expand the system to more than 1,000 stores by 2025.

The firm behind Vietnamese retails raised $60 million in total

Dinh Anh Huan, Founding President of Ficus Asia Investment

The eWTP Fund also invested another 10 million USD in Ficus Asia Investment. In October 2020, eWTP invested 50 million USD in this retail company through Redefine Capital Fund. Singapore-based Ficus is the firm behind the investments in Seedcom. Both were founded by Mr. Dinh Anh Huan and currently the Chairman. Ficus owns Haravan, an online retail service provider. Although having just focused on the Vietnamese market, Ficus insists “bringing strength to traditional stores in Singapore and Southeast Asia”. Ficus also claims to be a “data company” focusing on “new retail”.

InnoTech completed its funding from Probus Opportunities

InnoTech’s core team

Innovative Technology Corporation (InnoTech) provides a financial trading platform. InnoTech raised a large capital from Probus Opportunities. This capital helps InnoTech develop products and expand its business abroad. InnoTech develops Vietnam’s leading fintech trading softwares. InnoTech provides transaction processing systems for digital transformation of securities companies with a share of more than 50% of the market volume. InnoTech provides data on stocks, bonds, commodities, derivatives, real estate. InnoTech also provides Southeast Asia’s leading high frequency financial data service. InnoTech will act as a bridge between the international investment community and the Vietnamese financial market. 

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