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Aemi successfully raised $2 million capital funding

Startup Aemi has just raised $2 million in a pre-seed round. Participating in this pre-seed funding round include Alpha JWC Ventures, January Capital, Venturra Discovery, FEBE Ventures, and other angel investors. Aemi will focus on developing the domestic market, focusing on cosmetics and  health care as its core. This startup will continue to improve the list of goods and order management features, and support sales interactions. Aemi is also completing a marketing library to help small businesses take advantage of resources for product communication. Aemi wants to become a reliable destination for small and medium-sized sellers, standardising the quality import process, and optimising working capital in the cosmetics segment.


About Aemi

Aemi was founded in January 2022 by Vu Kim Ngan and Nguyen Qui Hieu. This is a B2B e-commerce platform, specialising in providing wholesale sources and digital transformation solutions for small online cosmetic merchants. Both co-founders of Aemi were classmates in Singapore. CEO Vu Kim Ngan has six years as a manager at Bain & Company, with expertise in distribution and retail consulting. CTO Nguyen Qui Hieu used to work as a senior management engineer at Grab and One Mount Group.


Co-Founder Aemi

Nguyễn Qui Hieu and Vu Kim Ngan, CTO and CEO of Aemi


When both co-founders returned to Vietnam, the domestic cosmetics market was growing rapidly, but small traders did not have many solutions for supply, how to close orders, manage orders effectively, often imported goods of unknown origin, poor quality, affecting customer trust. Suppliers also did not take advantage of e-commerce channels via social networks to expand revenue. Therefore, both co-founders decided to build a cosmetic wholesale platform for small-scale retailers, solving the problem of supply and sales productivity with technology. This B2B e-commerce platform is now attracting around 1,000 small merchants.

Source of information is Tech In Asia.