Inform! Startup Wheel 2021 is now open for all applications


1. Read free textbooks from Cambridge University –

2. Join free courses from Harvard University –

3. Take IELTS for free with the British Council course –

4. Learn English for free with ELSA Pro (students in grades 1-12) –

5. Download the free specialized book on the Bill Gates website –

6. Solve math problems, physics, chemistry 24/7 with “Got It” experts (Junior High School – University) –

7. Visit over 500 of the world’s most famous museums and galleries through Google Arts & Cultures –

8. Create group meeting via Discord (maximum 50 people instead of 10 people as before) –

9. Listen to free meditation music for 1 year in Balance –

10. Listen to opera directly through the live stream of The Metropolitan Opera (New York) –

11. Listen to audiobooks on Audible if you’re tired of reading by yourself –

12. Clean up all furniture in a minimalist trend with Marie Kondo –

13. Ponder the movies in IMDb Top 250 –

14. Learn code at home with Freecodecamp –

15. Access more than 500 free courses from Ivy League schools are waiting for you –

16. Review “Tangled” to learn Rapunzel about living alone and dealing with loneliness –

17. Watch hundreds of suggestions about movies, TV shows, music, games, cooking, and even babysitting from The New York Times –

18. Watch inspiring travel movies –

19. Learn to dance, boxing, exercise yoga –

20. Study the art of cooking at home of Alice Waters $ 15 / month –

* Source: Got It Vietnam


Startup Wheel is one of the largest startup competitions in Asia is ready for international startups to expand their business to Vietnam – one of the most fast-growing economic hubs in Asia. Find more information via

The competition runs annually with a 6-month qualification process and is wrapped up with a 2-day event in Vietnam for pitching and exhibiting their products/services to +500 investors, VCs, and large corporations; +200 exhibitors; and 15,000 attendees from all around the world.
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