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Telegram is about to be no longer free when it comes to Premium version?

When you want to open new features of Telegram you need to unlock and register for the Premium package right away

Whatever comes will come when recently Telegram’s slogan was corrected from “Telegram free forever. No advertising. No subscription fees” to “Telegram offers free unlimited cloud storage for chats” and no longer “forever”

Currently, the beta (testing) version of Telegram Premium is live. Compared to the free version, the beta version has added some new features such as sticker design, exclusive reactions from telegram and of course to download those features we need to “unlock” and sign up. Sign up for Premium package

Besides, Telegram will add a special badge next to the user’s name when they use the paid version.

 At the end of 2020, Telegram also revealed that they were considering developing a more premium service to generate profits. Currently, these features are still in beta, Telegram has not yet announced specific pricing and how users can sign up for the service.

Source: Advertising Vietnam