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Supports from Amazon to Vietnam’s goods exports

The supports for Vietnam’s businesses to export across borders

The Business Development Department and Amazon Global Selling (AGS) Vietnam launched the “90-day Launchpad with Amazon” Program. The program supports businesses’ exports through e-commerce. The program is part of the Go Digital Go Global Support Package. This is a specific and practical activity of the Package to support businesses in digital transformation 2021-2025. The program is implemented by the Ministry of Planning and Investment to support SMBs to bring their products to the world. Conditions of participation must be businesses producing or trading in consumer goods. The product must have been finished and sold to the consumer. The businesses must have target export markets of the US or Europe. HR must commit to team building on cross-border e-commerce.

The process of exporting products with Amazon

Businesses are provided with knowledge and guidance on transforming cross-border e-commerce business models and expanding exports. Businesses will acquire the necessary skills in 90 days. Businesses will be able to have a business plan and build their brands on Amazon. A team of experienced experts from AGS Vietnam will guide 1-1. AGS and the National Innovation Center are discussing cooperation plans. Both need a plan for Vietnamese goods to be listed on the Amazon e-commerce platform. The Department of Trade Promotion also worked with Amazon, Alibaba, and Global Sources to help Vietnamese businesses save on export promotion costs. They also introduced Vietnamese product brands to consumers and importers globally.

Supports from Amazon

AGS sees that Vietnamese retailers have more opportunities to export products across borders faster. Mr. Gijae Seong, AGS Country Director said, “Vietnam has a number of strengths. For example, becoming a factory for both Southeast Asia and the world; Vietnamese products on international e-commerce platforms have been noticed. The story of Vietnamese conical hats, broomsticks, coffee, dried vermicelli, rice paper, bamboo and rattan products,… being sold on Amazon for a few dozen times the actual price is not strange in recent years. Amazon has also officially surpassed Walmart to become the largest retailer in the world (outside China). If China is included, Alibaba is still the largest retailer in the world. Neither Amazon nor Walmart are “big players” in China.

More news about Amazon

Amazon is building a system that can track how employees use their mouse and keyboard to remotely verify their identity, preventing suspicious actions. On August 11, 2021, Amazon opened a $1.5 billion aviation hub. The business world eagerly awaits the launch and great potential of this center. The center will help Amazon catch up with established carriers like UPS and FedEx. This helps Amazon speed up delivery, and well control the logistics network. This is a major milestone for Amazon Air, Amazon’s thriving air freight arm that launched in 2016.

A Boeing 737 of Amazon

Amazon Air has contracts with many carriers. The arm is implementing its own flight routes. Airplanes play an important role in fast delivery for Amazon. Amazon Air operates at more than 40 airports across the US. The recently opened air hub in Northern Kentucky plays a pivotal role in the nation’s transportation network. In November 2020, Amazon launched its German air hub, opening its logistics network abroad. Amazon denies accepting bitcoin payments from late 2021. Amazon admits interest in cryptocurrency.

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