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Solutions by tech companies that have been invested

Medtech app raised $1 million

Medigo app’s interface

Medigo is a drug delivery app that combines consultations with pharmacists and doctors. The app received a $1-million investment from the Touchstone Partners fund. Medigo entered the medtech market in July 2019. The company creates a platform that connects users with high-quality telehealth services. This platform deploys e-commerce services for cosmetics and drug delivery 24/7. In addition, Medigo also connects customers with pharmacists and pharmacies the fastest. It brings sustainable solutions for Vietnamese people towards advanced health care at a reasonable cost.

Software testing solutions raised $12 million

Kobiton’s software interface

Kobiton is a software testing solution on mobile devices. The Vietnamese team of leaders and engineers at KMS Technology created this product in 2016. They successfully raised another $12 million from Panoramic Ventures and Fulcrum Equity Partners. They also took out a loan from Silicon Valley Bank. They will promote software development, expand the market. The investment accelerates the development of ecosystems and products, increasing competitive features. From there, the software can support many users: test engineers, designers, programmers, etc.

Next100 Fund invested in the technology solutions LadiPage

Shark Nguyen Hoa Binh, President of NextTech, and Founder of LadiPage, Binh Nguyen.

On September 16, 2021, NextTech Group and Next100 Investment Fund officially announced their investment in LadiPage. This startup has a diverse group of technology solutions for e-commerce. Their flagship product is a landing page platform. This platform helps businesses create optimal sales pages for digital marketing activities. LadiPage wants to help SMBs to “go online” soon. They also expect individuals to easily start an online business. LadiPage always prioritizes products that are easy to understand and use for all customers, even those who do not know technology. LadiPage will combine strong resources from the NextTech ecosystem. This startup will complete its market development plan in Vietnam and overseas.

De Heus forms a strategic partnership with Masan MEATLife

Representative of De Heus Southeast Asia, Gabor Fluit and Pham Trung Lam, Representative of Masan MEATLife

Royal Dutch De Heus Group operates on a global scale. The group has more than 100 years of experience providing innovative animal nutrition solutions. This group and Masan MEATLife signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Strategic Cooperation. The cooperation brings into play the existing strengths of both. Expanding and completing the animal protein supply chain. This is in line with the Agricultural Economy Development Orientation applying 4.0 technology. This orientation is being paid special attention by the Government and Ministries.

WeWork’s G. I. V. E. initiative supports the Southeast Asian businesses

WeWork’s G. I. V. E. initiative

WeWork is a pioneer in flexible space solutions. The company just launched its G. I. V. E. initiative to support nonprofits and social businesses in six Southeast Asian countries. These six countries include Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand. The initiative allows free use of workspaces, meeting rooms, and event venues. The initiative also allows access to the global WeWork member network. The initiative creates a favorable environment to help NPOs and businesses continue to do meaningful work and contribute to society. 

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