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Le Yen Thanh CEO of BusMap: Startup with the technology “made in” in Vietnam

Le Yen Thanh is the founder and co-founder of Talo – a model of blockchain technology application platform in exams and recruitment; JobHop – job search application; Umbala – application to create video clips… Previously, with excellent academic achievements, Le Yen Thanh was loved by everyone as a “programming prodigy”, “golden boy in the computer industries”.

The outstanding achievements of Le Yen Thanh

As the first child in a family whose parents are both math teachers, Thanh soon became familiar with numbers and competitions for students. Although he was in the countryside, he initially approached computer science through hours of playing with the computer. Thanh has been doing research on his own since middle school, sometimes writing articles for newspapers and receiving royalties from famous newspapers such as eChip, Making friends with computers. The money from the awards was enough for him to save up to buy a bicycle by the time he was about to enter high school.

However, it was not until the 10th grade that the boy born in 1994 had a thorough understanding of this subject through classroom lectures and went online to learn more. The love for the computer sciences is gradually bigger than the numbers in mathematics. Thanh switched from math class to computer class and brought home many provincial and national awards.

With the outstanding achievements, Thanh was easily recruited directly into the Ho Chi Minh City University of Science. Since his second year at the university, he has studied science and has published many international articles based on his in-depth knowledge of artificial intelligence and learning machines. In the following years, the young man in turn joined companies such as Misfit, VNG and Google in Silicon Valley, USA.

Le Yen Thanh works with the team during the period before social distancing.

Le Yen Thanh “shook hands” with Phenikaa

In September 2019, BusMap won the first prize in “Viet Startup Contest in Japan”. There, Le Yen Thanh had the opportunity to meet Mr. Le Anh Son, a member of the Board of Judges. In February 2020, Mr. Le Anh Son joined Phenikaa, becoming the Deputy of Research and Technology Institute at the Phenikaa group.

Under the support of Phenikaa, with the new name, Phenikaa MaaS will promote the product to market, along with the improvement of core technology and technology maps, IoT, AI. Currently most of the solutions are self-developed by the Phenikaa MaaS team, but there are some technologies which is still working on. In the future, he wants to be completely self-employed.

New name, Phenikaa MaaS

The CEO of Phenikaa MaaS sets a goal in the next 2-3 years to become a leading company providing traffic technology solutions in Vietnam and in the long term to expand to international markets.

In March 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic was complicated, Yen Thanh reached an agreement with a large corporation to invest more than 1.5 million USD in the application.

Thanh said he always remembers the day he met and signed with investors, but everyone wore masks. The opportunity to come to BusMap, to come to Thanh at the most difficult time is a very special experience.

Top 13 SK Fellowship #Batch 2 2021

In May, SK Group held Orientation Day – The event to announce the Top 13 excellent startups of SK Startup Fellowship 2021 (SKSF 2021). Phenikaa MaaS is excellently go through 200 startups to become in the Top 13 SKSF #Batch 2.

In the Top 13, Phenikaa MaaS is highly appreciated for its positive impacts on society, especially useful applications in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic such as the Covid-19 epidemiological map in some hot spots including Da Nang, Hai Duong…

Joining SKSF #Batch 2, Phenikaa MaaS has a chance to receive $50,000.

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