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Highlands Coffee unexpectedly increased in price, what about other FnB brands?

It can be seen that one of the most obvious impacts when gasoline prices increase is that the price of raw materials also increases, forcing FnB chains to increase prices.

Highlands Coffee with a chain of more than 500 stores nationwide has announced a price increase in the announcement on June 27.

The increase is in the range of 4,000-10,000 VND/product, depending on product type and size. For example, tea has a general price increase of 10,000 VND/product with a large size, from 55,000 VND to 65,000 VND; Filtered coffee has an increase of 4,000-6,000 VND/product with medium and large sizes; espresso coffee simultaneously increased by 10,000 VND/product in all sizes… This new price applies in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi from today (ie 27/6), and stores nationwide The country will be applied from July 1

Explaining the sudden price increase, a representative of Highlands Coffee said it was mainly to maintain and improve the quality of products, services and customer experience in the face of current market fluctuations.

As for other FnB brands that are competitors of Highlands, competing for this market share, there has been no movement yet.

Representatives of Starbucks, The Coffee House, Trung Nguyen Legend… said that they still keep the price menu, for Trung Nguyen Legend will continuously launch new products to stimulate business demand, while for Starbucks they still no announcements regarding this issue.

Previously, from April and May, many F&B businesses doing business in chains could not continue to “give up” and were forced to adjust prices because the costs were too high. Brand chains Dairy Queen, The Pizza Company, AKA House, Holy Crab, The Coffee Club were also forced to increase the prices of some restaurant products because of the pressure on the price of imported raw materials.