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At the beginning of the “ghost” month, let’s take a look at the latest points from technology brands

What happened last week, let’s take a look at some of the latest information from the platforms

Netflix officially pays via MOMO

Recently Netflix has officially added a payment method by MOMO E-Wallet, no longer loyal to the method via Visa card, Netflix wants its payment service to be easier as well as to reach deep into the market. More Vietnam.

Create 4 virtual profiles on Facebook linking 1 main account, no need to use real name

Recently, Meta has announced that it allows users of the social network Facebook to create many different “profile” pages with just one common account. Experts say this is a big move from Facebook to “retain” users, especially young users, in the context that Facebook rivals are integrating many new features on the platform to increase competition.

Thus, Facebook users in the near future will be able to create 4 more profile pages. This means that users can use multiple profiles for different purposes, for example, a page for relatives or friends, a page for work purposes, a page for socializing and interacting in a group of interests. like or idol,… These profiles will be tied to a single main account, and can be changed by the user with just one click.

In particular, users do not have to use real names to set additional profile pages. Instead, users have the freedom to choose a profile name, as long as the name follows Facebook’s standards, such as not using bad words and containing no numbers or special characters. It is known that Facebook’s current policy requires users to use their real name and date of birth when registering an account.

Tiktok for users to filter adult content and filter annoying hashtags

The latest information from TikTok says that the app will roll out a “Content Levels” feature in the next few weeks, helping to prevent “adult” content on TikTok from the eyes of young users aged 13-17. In addition, the company will also launch a new tool that allows blockers to display videos by hashtag keywords of their choice.

Specifically, the “Content Levels” feature will help content that is only suitable for adults to be blocked from being displayed on news sites of users aged 13-17. In addition, only users who are over 18 years old can view content that is of a gruesome nature, potentially having a negative impact on psychology. Content classification will be done by TikTok’s content moderators. Furthermore, TikTok users will soon be given the option to remove videos from their feed, by filtering videos with hashtags (#). For example, if you don’t like cat videos, you can choose to remove videos that contain the hashtag #cat or #cat.

Source: Advertising Vietnam


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