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Amazon Web Services to support education technology start-ups

Amazon Web Services on Wednesday announced the launch of AWS EdStart in Viet Nam, a virtual accelerator programme that enables education technology start-ups to develop innovative teaching and learning solutions.

AWS EdStart helps education-focused start-ups build the next generation of online learning, analytics and campus management solutions on AWS Cloud.

The programme provides participants with AWS promotional credits, live and virtual community networking engagements, customised training, marketing opportunities, and technical support to build and grow their business.

EdTech entrepreneurs and founders in Viet Nam can now apply for AWS EdStart benefits and join the global community.

Under the Government’s digital transformation roadmap vision, education is one of the key priorities.

Lee Chew Tan, managing director, worldwide public sector, ASEAN, at Amazon Web Services, said: “With the launch of AWS EdStart in Vietnam, entrepreneurs can use AWS Cloud services to build, launch, and grow their solutions quickly. They can focus on experimenting to drive innovation, while keeping costs down.” – VNS