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Tiếng Việt

Startup Wheel is the largest and most prestigious annual startup competition in Vietnam for young generations who are passionate about startups. Founded by Business Startup Support Centre (BSSC) and Young Businesspeople Association (YBA) under the direction of the Vietnam Youth Federation of HCMC, Vietnamese Student’s Association of HCMC and Department of Science and Technology in Ho Chi Minh City.

First launched in 2013, the competition is a 6-month program, organized from March to August annually for startups and young entrepreneurs in Vietnam and all around the world. Startup Wheel is also one of the earliest and longest run competitions in Vietnam.

#news & articles~50~80~80~200~300~350>400
#social media reach~3 mil~5 mil~26 mil~163 mil~171 mil~188 mil~200 mil
#investors and industry experts~100~150~250~400~900~1,200~1,400
Applicant age group18-2218-3518-3518-3518-35No limitNo limit
Attendee locationsHCMCHCMCVNVNVNVN ASEAN+3VN11 countries in 4 continents
Startup Wheel Statistics over the years

We think that STARTUP is a non-stop WHEEL, it means a continuous process. Throughout “Startup Wheel”, we would like to share with startups a message “Don’t hesitate and keep moving forward like a wheel by all belief and willingness”