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JungleBird Agency

Mrs. Martine de Leeuw is a successful entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in marketing and public relations for retail, financial, technology, and startup companies. Despite being born and raised in the Netherlands, she has lived and experienced life in various countries. Currently, she resides and works in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Mrs. Martine is an investor at Epic Angels and is the founder and owner of a PR company and an EdTech (Educational Technology) company. Prior to moving to Kuala Lumpur, she lived in the Philippines and owned a socially profitable business.

Martine is a change-maker driven by the movement of “creating value through business activities.” She enjoys connecting people with businesses and creating change together. All of her work shares the common goal of creating social change while expanding businesses to have a greater impact on all stakeholders.

As a mother of two children, she is determined to make a difference for the next generation with her EdTech company, ChatLicense. This innovative application supports families in preparing for their child’s first use of a smartphone, while also guiding both parents and children in the digital environment. The app accompanies families on every journey, allowing children to participate in scientifically validated smartphone experience games, while providing updated information for parents through a portal. Aligned with the Dutch government’s #responsbiletech mission, the company has participated in startup activities at CES Las Vegas and TNW Amsterdam this year.