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Spotlight: The TOP 5 International startups of Startup Wheel 2023 are…!

After 11 years of organization, the Startup Wheel has attracted the participation of nearly 15.000 Startups both domestically and internationally, accompanied by over 300 domestic and international partners, including Accelerators, Incubators, Investment Funds, and Business Support Organizations,…With a global-scale competition, Startup Wheel gathered over 130 impressive judges, ranging from distinguished Vietnamese entrepreneurs to renowned international experts, representatives of investment funds and startup support organizations.

In 2023, Startup Wheel has attracted 2,116 registration applications from 33 countries across 5 continents. From all these, the top 5 startups on the international track were chosen, showing off the best ideas from around the world. These top startups are:

1. viAct

viAct is an international AI leader, renowned for its groundbreaking “Scenario-based AIoT Platform” that automates safety, sustainability, and smart city monitoring. Trusted by Google, Forbes Asia, and the World Economic Forum, their award-winning vision intelligence processes billions of images across Asia, Europe, and the MENA region.

Specializing in sustainability-focused AI, viAct serves high-risk workplaces like construction, oil & gas, manufacturing, and mining industries. Since 2016, they’ve deployed 50+ pre-built AI modules across government, public, and private sectors, reducing accidents, optimizing costs, and ensuring environmental compliance.


2. Fin2B, Inc

Fin2B is a leading fintech company that provides value chain finance technology to local financial institutions in Southeast Asia to support short-term financing for SMEs based on their relationship with credit-worthy trading partners. Fin2B aims to lead and connect key markets in SEA and Korea.


3. Hodoo labs

Hodoo Labs is a Korean edu-tech company, uses technology to provide affordable and enjoyable learning for kids. Its Betia English mobile service, featuring fun game characters, helps children speak English. With over 160,000 students in Korea and Japan, Hodoo Labs has expanded to Vietnam through a partnership with VTC Online. 

Leveraging Machine Learning, Big Data, and Gamification, Hodoo Labs aims to foster lifelong learners worldwide. Over four years, its team has balanced gaming and education, enabling learners to spend 40 minutes daily and speak over 100 times during sessions, reaching 170,000+ kids across Korea, Japan, and Vietnam.


4. MUU

MUU is a food biotechnology startup, pioneers precision fermentation technology and proprietary microbes to craft milk and dairy products mirroring the taste, texture, and characteristics of traditional cow’s dairy, all without utilizing a single cow. 

Through precision fermentation, MUU develops animal-free dairy alternatives that emulate the authentic essence and functionality of conventional dairy products, maintaining their distinct properties and flavors while upholding their mission to preserve the planet.


5. Staple

Staple functions as an AI co-pilot for document processing and analysis, proficient in reading, interpreting, extracting, and reconciling non-structured documents at scale, regardless of language, layout, or filetype. Serving diverse industries such as banking, insurance, logistics, and F&B/FMCG, their ML tool accelerates data extraction, surpassing human capabilities in speed, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. From invoices to medical claims and trade settlement documents, our solution adapts seamlessly to various document types.


Startup Wheel 2024 has been initiated, and there will be an abundance of further updates on the Vietnamese and international startup ecosystem regularly provided on Startup