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Established on June 10, 1996, OCB has nearly 200 trading units in 120 transaction points in all major cities and economic zones in the country. OCB has affirmed its leading position with more than 5,000 staffs with high level of expertise, modern technology foundation and well-loved brands. Over the years, OCB has experienced double the average growth rate of the industry. The bad debt ratio has always been controlled at a low level, ensuring high and stable operating ratios.

OCB is the first Vietnamese bank which has completed a risk management project under Basel II (2017); is rated Moody’s (one of the three most prestigious credit rating agencies in the world) ranking B2 – the highest level of commercial banks in Vietnam; and is the first bank in Vietnam having integrated channel, with the Omni Channel (2018).

We are confident about the success of the bank, always maintain to be among top banks in Vietnam and become a big bank in the near future.