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HD Bank

HDBank was established in 1990 as one of the first commercial banks in Vietnam. After nearly 30 years in operation, the Bank currently ranks as one of the top banks in Vietnam and is reaching out for the world.
HDBank boasts solid financial resources, modern technologies, and a diverse range of banking, financial products and services for individual, corporate customers and investors.

With its aforementioned exclusive ecosystem and its M&A strategy, HDBank is aiming at leading the market. The Bank effectively chooses to approach and serve customers from its large green ecosystem, which includes companies from banking and finance, retailing, consumer goods, and aviation, with products and services customised to each customer base, supply chain, geographical area, sector, and income. The current HDBank is also “greenifying” its operation quality with the comprehensive investment for technological researches and adaptation into products and services, and the pioneering in 4.0 technologies for banking and finance.