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Maximizing Opportunities at Startup Wheel 2024: A Strategic Guide for Startups!

As one of Southeast Asia’s most prestigious startup competitions, Startup Wheel 2024 offers an unparalleled platform for startups to showcase their innovations, connect with influential stakeholders, and access insights from industry leaders.

Taking place annually in Vietnam, this event attracts a diverse array of startups, sponsors, partners, and media, making it a cornerstone event in the region’s entrepreneurial landscape. To ensure startups fully leverage this opportunity, careful preparation and strategic engagement are essential.

Below are several tips and advice tailored for startups actively engaging in Startup Wheel 2024.

1. Detailed Preparation

In preparation for Startup Wheel 2024, startups are advised to conduct thorough research on competition requirements, criteria, prizes, and partners. Staying updated on announcements from organizers and media channels is essential for seizing opportunities. 

Crafting a captivating presentation is crucial. Startups must ensure their pitch decks are polished, concise, and compelling to make a lasting impression on judges and investors

The Top 50 selected startups will receive exclusive training sessions to enhance their presentation skills and refine their capital-raising pitch decks under the guidance of industry experts

Maintaining a quality profile is key. This digital calling card showcases startups’ strengths, achievements, and aspirations to judges and investors.

2. Widen your network and gather insights from other startups

Startup Wheel acts as a central hub for startups across various industries, offering a prime opportunity for networking, knowledge exchange, and engagement with industry leaders. To make the most of this platform, startups should proactively connect with peers, listen to feedback, and learn from others’ experiences to improve their products and services.

3. Engaging in Supplementary Events 

In addition to the main competition, Startup Wheel organizes various supplementary events, such as training sessions and incubation programs, to support startups. These activities facilitate skill enhancement, knowledge expansion, and networking opportunities with like-minded individuals striving for similar goals.

4. Post-Competition Engagement and Progress Tracking

After the pre-qualification phase, startups should monitor results and feedback from organizers closely. The Top 100 Excellent Startups list for Vietnam will be released on July 1, 2024, followed by the unveiling of the Top 50 for both Vietnam and International Boards on August 1, 2024, accessible via the website and our media channels.

Continued engagement with the Startup Wheel community can open doors to additional support, funding, and collaborative opportunities.

Sharing progress, achievements, and challenges with the Startup Wheel support team can also provide startups with customized advice and insights.

startup can chuan bị gi khi tham gia startup wheel 2024

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