Inform! Startup Wheel 2021 is now open for all applications

Why is Startup Wheel extended to International Track?

BSSC’s vision is not only facilitating startup growth but also creating a bridge between international startups and useful resources in Vietnam. We want to be a part of every startup’s journey. That’s the reason why we are open to international startups who want to enter the Vietnamese market. We’d like to support international startups to explore the Vietnamese market, find local partners and customers.

What should I expect from the competition as an international founder?

As an international founder, the competition will enable you to earn insights, broaden and strengthen the network among the Startup Wheel network including government, corporate sponsors, VCs, CVCs, angel investors, educational institutions, incubators, accelerators, civil society organizations, start-ups, user/consumer communities. This is also an opportunity to showcase your business to potential investors, partners, and customers in Vietnam.

Can I apply with an idea?

You can apply with an idea but if you are selected in the Crowd-based pitching and Final round, you are required to have a fully developed product/service or a prototype to display at the Startup Day.

Can I have more than 1 application?

Yes, you can submit more than 1 application.

Can a single person apply for the competition?

Yes, the competition is not only for groups but also for individuals. If you are an enterprise, your enterprise must:

  • Be less than 6-year in operations;
  • Be an independent company (not a subsidiary);
  • Have a working beta product or service (preferable).

Do I need to pay any registration fee?

We welcome all startups around the world so you don’t have to pay any registration fee.

I’ve won some prizes in several startup competitions before. So can I apply to Startup Wheel International Track?

Yes, you can. We highly encourage winners from other competitions to join Startup Wheel International Track to explore more opportunities in the Vietnamese market.

If my application is accepted, what I need to do in the next round?

All applicants will be reviewed and may be selected for a call interview. The specific interview schedule will be informed directly to the startup’s representative via email.

If my project is selected in the top 50 finalists, will I receive any traveling and accommodation sponsors?

We sponsor accommodation for 3 nights (20-21-22 August) and lunch for 2 days (21-22 August)

For the top 50 finalists’ representative (1 person/team).

What if my idea is stolen?

We understand that imitating other’s ideas is inevitable so we encourage candidates to register Intellectual Property rights (IP Rights) before exhibiting their products/services at the Startup Day.

What does the organization board provide me to set up an exhibition booth?

You are provided with the necessary equipment in order to display your products/services

  • 01 booth arena: 2m x 2m
  • 01 table: 1.8m x 0.45m

White tablecloth

  • 02 chairs
  • 01 booth table name

Should I need to prepare anything for my booth?

This is what we encourage you to do:

  • Design and decorate your booth.
  • Setup standee
  • Use LCD 50 inch
  • Sockets (we only provide one socket)


Do we need to move to Vietnam during the process?

No, the first 2 rounds including:

  • Application Submission
  • Preliminary selection
  • are conducted online

But for the final round, you have to present at the Startup Day to give a pitch and exhibition.

Can you get us visas?

Each participant is responsible for obtaining a valid passport and visa for traveling to Vietnam if required.

Application Support

I submitted our application but need to edit it. You can edit your applications before the application deadline. And we will frequently update with you the status of your application. You can contact us directly or via for editing support.

How do I know my application submitted?

We will send you a confirmation email within 2 days. If you don’t see that email, please check your spam folder. If you still don’t see the confirmation email, contact us directly or via

Late application

What happens when I submit a late application?

We still consider your application, but we prior to on-time applications for the next round.

When will I get a reply if I submit a late application?

We will send you a confirmation mail within 2 days just like we do for on-time applications.

How do we get our late application results?

We will email you the results just like we do for on-time applications

Can I submit a late application after an on-time one?

We will consider your application