Inform! Startup Wheel 2021 is now open for all applications


Startup Wheel extends to all audiences with no age and nationality limit. Everyone who is currently doing or planning to do business in Vietnam is encouraged to participate in the competition.

The startup must:
➦ be less than 6-year in operations;
➦ be an independent company (not a subsidiary);
➦ have a working beta product or service (preferable).

If you have already registered your business, please submit us your scanned Business Registration Certificate in the online Application Form.


  • The startups, which are selected in Top 50 SW International Track 2021, are required to have a fully developed product/service or a prototype to display at the Startup Day on August 21-22, 2021 in HCMC.
  • The startups that won the previous Startup Wheel will not be allowed to join Startup Wheel 2021.

Awards, Security And Commitment


Cash prizes will be transferred to the representative of the startup within 15 working days after the Startup Wheel Award Ceremony. The winner must be responsible for the personal income tax (PIT) and other taxes or fees related to the prize (if any) in accordance with current Vietnamese law. The organizer will proceed to collect this PIT and pay it to the state budget. This PIT is paid to the Organizer at the same time as the award.


When participating in the competition, the candidates agree with the Organizers to broadcast live, interview, photograph, record, film and publish exhibitions or reproduce to use for the news, narration, promotional purposes, television programs, advertisements, including on the website or under any forms. The organizer and its partners and all related parties are exempt from any responsibility arising from the photographing, recording, recording or publishing photos, recordings, recordings from this competition. When submitting a business plan, a brief introduction about the candidate’s business plan will be considered as a summary that is widely available and can be used in the relevant document of the competition. The organizer will provide copies of the business plans in the competition to the Board of Judges and the relevant person in charge, and request these individuals not to make any additional copies. Any acts of fraud, ethics and law violations within the framework of the competition, The organizer has the right to unilaterally cancel the participant’s right and has the right to handle according to law.