Inform! Startup Wheel 2021 is now open for all applications

Application submission

Candidates follow instructions as follows:

* The 2-minute Video Making Instruction

Outline of areas startups should present in the video

  1. What is your product or service? 
  2. What is your business model? Why you choose it?
  3. Whose and what demands can your product/ service satisfy?
  4. What is your competitive edge? 
  5. What is the progress of your startup? You should highlight your team, patents, and statistics about customers, partners, etc
  6. Why do you choose the Vietnam market to be one of your business expansion?

In addition, the video must:

  • Be named as “Startup Wheel 2021 – [Applicant name] – [Project name]”
  • Be set as pubic of its privacy.
  • Conform to all Terms and Conditions of YouTube including the video format and size requirements and limitations.
  • Not exceed two (2) minutes in length.
  • Can be used for public communication if there is no request for confidentiality from applicants,
  • All expressions that incite violence or forms of discrimination, obscenity, or defamation are prohibited.