Young people are still lack of start-up knowledge

In recent years, the startup trend in HCM City has become widespread. These young entrepreneurs need to be equipped with a lot of knowledge before setting up a business project, producing and looking for capital to deploy.

The owner of the fanpage and the website “Bánh tráng trộn 8 Ghiền” is Nguyen Thi Thanh Thao, 28 years old, started out from a cake mixed rice 2 years ago. With the source of materials bought floating market, Thao considered them not to be healthy for the customers. She spent 1 year searching for healthy ingredients in order to sell larger size cake, while making a living.

Then, Thao found the ground to both direct sales and online sales, a few mates knowing about online sales, delivery to cooperate. Now, Thao and her team have a fixed income of 1 million VND a day from the rice cake and online sales support for about 10 old street vendors.

“The most important thing for a beginner is the mind. When the mindsets are put on the customer and colleagues, the startup will easily overcome the difficulties, “Thao shared.

Similar to Thao, Doan Thien Phuc, the founder and now Chief Technology Officer of TRUSTpay specializing in electronic payment cards, said that young people need to identify their resources when starting a business.

“When you identify the resources, you will know how to find partners, learn how to improve and gain experience from what you lack. Therefore, the entrepreneur cannot start his own business alone, so one way or another he must have a partner. Those associates will complement the knowledge, experience not themselves, “said Doan Thien Phuc.

Some startup professionals say that knowledge of the field and the industry must always be the strength of every entrepreneur. However, complementary knowledge and soft skills still need to be further trained or used by other young people who share the same ideas. When the entrepreneur master the rules, they can start effective businesses.

According to Tran Anh Tuan, Managing Director of The PathFinder, when starting a business, entrepreneurs need to invest in their own development.

“If you start a business with a purpose, passion, vision and clear mission, it will be much better than starting a business for just money. In the world today, all the CEOs of big corporations are back to learn about their own development,” Tuan advised.

Since 2016, the Vietnam Youth Union, the Vietnam Student Association and the Young Entrepreneurs’ Association of Ho Chi Minh City have kicked off the “Youth Start-up Program, the Ho Chi Minh City Youth Startup Program.” Thousands of young people are participating in this program in many forms.

Ms. Truong Ly Hoang Phi, Executive Director of the Youth Startup Center, under the City of Ho Chi Minh City, determined that the core factor remained in the startups themselves. Therefore, the Center always tries to inspire young people to believe in themselves, in case of not qualified, the center will give them advice to choose another path, or start to slow down to have better qualified.

VOV.VN – Da Nang youth and students will be fully supported by training knowledge, building ideas, even supporting market access.

In the 2016-2020 period, HCM will allocate resources to support 2,000 creative projects to create a start-up eco-system and promote creative start-ups. In particular, the support focuses on consulting, training, connection activities.