After 3 challenge stages: Practice to mobilise Crowdfunding real fund on, Design Brand Identity and carry out TVC to advertise idea/product, Write Business Plan, The Organizing Committee has selected the top 60 outstanding projects to enter the Part 2 of the Semi-Final Round of the Vietnam Startup Wheel 2018

No. Representative (Founder/ Cofounder) Project Sector Location
1 Pham Phi Vu Hydro Generator – Non-energy use Manufacture HCMC
2 Duong Thi Thu Hong Bio-products in environmental treatment (wastewater, garbage, aquaculture water) Technology HCMC
3 Dinh Nam Phong DAHA – Apps for ordering pharmaceutical products Technology HCMC
4 Phan Thanh Quang Linkbank – Finacial information and solution platform Finance – Banking HCMC
5 Chu Si Nguyen GlassOn Technology HCMC
6 Phan Ngoc Thinh Technology HCMC
7 Pham Thanh Toan InnKom Technology HCMC
8 Steven Diep Kien Phong JobsBEAM – 100% committed to have applicant Technology HCMC
9 Tran Trung Kien Panoramic camera for car Manufacture HCMC
10 Vuong Thanh Chung Kids UP Education Hanoi
11 Ngo Ngoc Cuong Puziness – Sales process optimization and automation toolkit Technology Hanoi
12 Ngo Huynh Ngoc Khanh INUT PLATFORM – The IOT ecosystem connects detailed information from products and customers Technology HCMC
13 Hoang Thi Phuong Thao BookingCare Healthcare – Pharmacy Hanoi
14 Le Ba Quoc Thinh CloudFone – Corporate Call Center Technology HCMC
15 Tran Thi Kim Dung ManMo Search – Finding Accommodation Apps Technology Hanoi
16 Pham Hoan Vu Wash Up – Car wash and maintenance service Commerce – Service HCMC
17 Nguyen Canh Duong Meete Technology HCMC
18 Nguyen Le Thien Nhan LALAS – Advertisement viewing app to assist the disadvantaged people Technology HCMC
19 Dao Anh Quang Exhaust treatment multifunctional system VGT01 Technology Danang
20 Tran Van Hoang Natural Cosmetics applying biotechnology Manufacture HCMC
21 Nguyen Huu Minh Natural essential oils from post-harvest waste Manufacture Hanoi
22 Nham The Son Teaching and Learning Solutions Education HCMC
23 Cao Hong Anh BizHelp – Store management apps Technology HCMC
24 Vu Thai Ha Nemzone Manufacture Hanoi
25 Nguyen Manh Kien Carrier – Online booking truck apps Technology Hanoi
26 Le Thanh Tailor-made shoes by phone Technology HCMC
27 Nguyen Ba Long AZ88 Ecosytem Technology HCMC
28 Nguyen Thanh Tin TeraApp Technology HCMC
29 Duong Huu Hoang Node Sensor – applied in Agriculture Technology HCMC
30 Le Duong Hieu Commerce – Service HCMC
31 Phan Long The e-commerce platform provides fresh food that is pre-processed – packaged on request – delivered in person. Commerce – Service HCMC
32 Nguyen Thi Kieu Oanh Moc Thanh Tra Vietnam Manufacture HCMC
33 Luc Anh Minh Golden Drinks – Herbal Drink Manufacture HCMC
34 Vo Khac Ro G-Smart – Safe Internet device for children Education HCMC
35 Nguyen Van Vui Home Automation – Smart Equipments Technology HCMC
36 Pham Viet Anh CheepCheep Tourism Hanoi
37 Le Quoc Khanh 4-wire cable – emergence escape equipment for apartment and building Manufacture HCMC
38 Nguyen Quynh Van “Trang” – Educational video bank Education HCMC
39 Le Anh Vy Saigon Nuts Agriculture HCMC
40 Bui Thuc Nhi – Express software for small and medium enterprises Technology HCMC
41 Dang Thi Ngoc Suong Bach Viet – Control devices by virtual assistant and voice recognition Technology Danang
42 Ngueyn Hoang Quan MOVAD Commerce – Service HCMC
43 Le Chieu Trung Nong san Nha que – Fresh food retail chains Commerce – Service HCMC
44 Ho Anh Tuan TripHunter Technology HCMC
45 Nguyen Truong Son Snow foam car wash equipment – Mordern Technology Manufacture HCMC
46 Tran Ba Duy Linh Jingo Technology HCMC
47 Le Minh Tuan Nano Technology: Nano Curcumin and Graphene Manufacture HCMC
48 Nguyen Huu Hoang Green E – Cleaning water extracted from the botanical shells Manufacture HCMC
49 Dinh Thanh Dien Odora – Mosquito repelling essential oils Agriculture HCMC
50 Truong Van Toan Showroomin Technology HCMC
51 Truong Van Cuong Education Technology 4.0 Education Hanoi
52 Nguyen Duc Tai Farm Hipb – Agtech Company Agriculture Can Tho
53 Tran Trung Hieu Robotic in Agriculture Commerce – Service Can Tho
54 Tran Huu Dong Manufacture of power adapter – Assembling electronic components Manufacture HCMC
55 Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tuyet HECTOR, the warrior protects your family Manufacture HCMC
56 Nguyen Huu An CleverTube – Learn English By Videos & Smart Tools -/CleverTube Education Hanoi
57 Vo Dinh Tung Versatile and flexible transaction system Technology HCMC
58 Ta Xuan Hien Juloux – Social network and e-commerce platform Commerce – Service HCMC
59 Nguyen Dinh Thao Magicbook – 4D Book Technology Hanoi
60 Nghiem Xuan Huy Finhay Finance – Banking Hanoi


The regulation of Semi-final round is updated via link
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