After four months of screening and selecting the applications, our judges have chosen 100 entries out of 1,800+ registered projects all over the country. We would like to congratulate all of 100 founders and their projects to appear in TOP 100 Best Projects Vietnam Startup Wheel 2019.


No. Representative (Founder/ Cofounder) Project Name Sector Location
1 Tran Phuc Hau Producing probiotic from sugarcane grounds for shrimp farming Agriculture HCMC
2 Le Hoang Anh MultiGlass Technology Hanoi
3 Nghiem Tien Vien Broadcasting system 4.0 Entertainment Hanoi
4 Nguyen Ha Minh Thong Edubox Education HCMC
5 Jonathan Viet Pham GoEat Me Tourism HCMC
6 Nguyen Ngoc Van Thanh Nayup App Software and Platform HCMC
7 Phan Duc Hung Papaya Insurtech Finance HCMC
8 Tran Nguyen Duy Tuan Airiot ICT HCMC
9 Nguyen Thi Mong Thu Yen Viet Dream Agriculture HCMC
10 Pham Anh Tuan T-Farm Agriculture HCMC
11 Phan The Truong Modoho Real Estate HCMC
12 Vuong Thanh Chung Kids UP Education Hanoi
13 Nguyen Bao Khanh Software and Platform HCMC
14 Loh Zhee Yin, Vernon Horlu SaaS Hanoi
15 Nguyen Quang Ngoc Wicare Finance Hanoi
16 Pham Vinh Loc Viet Su Lien Minh Education HCMC
17 Hoang Hong Minh Chungxe Tourism Hanoi
18 Nguyen Van Thien Vu Appying drone to agriculture – high-tech industry Agriculture HCMC
19 Truong Vo Huu Thien GaraSTEM Robotics HCMC
20 Nguyen Duc Duy AGN Agriculture HCMC
21 Tran Thanh Tung Yeu La Du Education HCMC
22 Dang Thi Bich Tuyen Lodyhelp Tourism Da Nang
23 Phan Hoang Anh Robot For Everyone Education HCMC
24 Truong Duc Thang Tourism Da Nang
25 Le Trung Duc dkfood Agriculture HCMC
26 Vu Manh Hoang Hai TICHLUY.VN Ecommerce HCMC
27 Cao Xuan Hoai Vuong Unica Education Hanoi
28 Tran Nhu Hoa Can Ho Thong Minh Cao Cap Software and Platform HCMC
29 Ngo Van Quan Tho Xay Dung Software and Platform Hanoi
30 Pham Quynh Trang OnShop Retail Hanoi
31 Ho Dong Thu Marketing Cloud by Think Digital Technology HCMC
32 Luu Toan Duc Virtual Reality for Real Estate Marketing Technology HCMC
33 Ho Anh Tuan TripHunter Tourism HCMC
34 Tran Thi Hue 21ST-Haircare Software and Platform Hanoi
35 Nguyen Thi Nguyet Nga Publishing Hanoi
36 Phan Thanh Phong Satavan Retail HCMC
37 Luu Quoc Nghiem PANDU Education HCMC
38 Nguyen Thi Hoai Dau Rang Moc va Tra Hat Agriculture HCMC
39 Nguyen Viet Phong SnapVN Technology Hanoi
40 Pham Nguyen Bach bePOS Finance Hanoi
41 Lionel Pham Apartment-el Tourism HCMC
42 Nguyen Quoc Han Glamme Software and platform Da Nang
43 Dao Hong Pho K-Land Real Estate Technology HCMC
44 Nguyen Tuan Anh Virtual Assistant for Vietnam Software and Platform Hanoi
45 Nguyen Hoang Giang EzQ Ecosystem Retail Hanoi
46 Truong Nguyen Anh Thu Coconut Speaker Retail HCMC
47 Louis Phan UdriveX – The Linkedin of Delivery Tourism HCMC
48 Le Thi Kim Cuong Connecting manufacturing chain with supplier Agriculture HCMC
49 Nguyen Thi Kim Anh Natural products made from seft contained model Agriculture HCMC
50 Tran Cong Huy Automatic payment machine for retail Technology HCMC
51 Thai Chuong Cohota Education HCMC
52 Nguyen Thien Kim Recruitery Software and Platform HCMC
53 Mai Anh Duy Easy Trip Tourism HCMC
54 Nguyen Thien Anh Sunbot Education Hanoi
55 Tran Ngoc Khanh Big Data Tezme Technology Hanoi
56 Huynh Thi Kim Hoang Hafabo Agriculture HCMC
57 Chau Nguyen Thanh Cuong Foam for cleaning Retail HCMC
58 Nguyen Thi Huyen Tram DALAHOUSE Agriculture HCMC
59 Ha Binh Tuan Anh 4 axis robot for picking up products and  setting up pallet Industry HCMC
60 Phan Minh Tien Products made from nypa fruticans Agriculture HCMC
61 Nguyen Dang An SHub Classroom Education HCMC
62 Vu Thi Thai An TUBUDD Tourism Hanoi
63 Nguyen Quan Duc OraHome Software and Platform HCMC
64 Duong Minh Hung Shipway Torism Da Nang
65 Pham Ngoc Vy Dwor Technology HCMC
66 Huynh Tuan Kiet Presure burning equipment Industry HCMC
67 Truong Vu Tuan Med247 Healthcare Hanoi
68 Ngo Cam Hung In Hinh In Hinh va In Hinh Retail HCMC
69 Nguyen Minh Chien Arlook Technology HCMC
70 Phan Phuong Thao DiGiAds Software and Platform HCMC
71 Ma Phu Cuong Duc Thuan Dragon Fruit Jam Agriculture HCMC
72 Quang Quang Vu Messflow Software and Platform HCMC
73 Bui Le Chi Bao Lop 6/7 TK Education HCMC
74 Nguyen Hoang Kim Phung GRAC Environment HCMC
75 Ho Nguyen Thanh Huy Products made from citrus hystrix essential oil of An Giang Agriculture Can Tho
76 Trinh Xuan Khoa Real Estate HCMC
77 Do Hoang Anh Electronic Medical Record Healthcare Hanoi
78 Nguyen Quang Huy Maritime Group Finance HCMC
79 Hang Minh Loi Okiva Ecommerce HCMC
80 Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa Tieng Viet Oi Education Hanoi
81 Tran Minh Tuan BeeCost Ecommerce Hanoi
82 Le Thuy Linh AYACUP Retail HCMC
83 Nguyen Xuan Ket Viec lam tiva Software and Platform Hanoi
84 Le Tien Phuong Atomic Education Hanoi
85 Tran Huu Dong Producing Adapter and
Assembly of electronic components
Industry HCMC
86 Nguyen Duy Xuan Bach IoT Brainwaves Healthcare HCMC
87 Vo Quoc Thao Nguyen Greenjoy Straw Agriculture HCMC
88 Do Phu Quang Noi That Thu Cung Service HCMC
89 Nguyen Thi Anh Tuyet BLAKE Retail HCMC
90 Pham Dinh Ngai Products made from Coconut sap Agriculture Can Tho
91 Bui Thi Ngoc Phuc The 41 Wedding Service Da Nang
92 To Minh Duc Unik Helmet Retail HCMC
93 Nguyen Van Thang My Guide Tourism HCMC
94 Vo Vuong Quoc Thanh Drivee Tourism HCMC
95 Pham Thanh Hau incomSoft Software and Platform HCMC
96 Nguyen Trung Hieu Telepro Software and Platform Hanoi
97 Dang Hoai Linh Processing and commercializing Hibicus in An Giang Agriculture Can Tho
98 Nguyen Phu Hung YouthMentor Education Hanoi
99 Phong Ngoc Bao Long Nano Cat Chemicals HCMC
100 Nguyen Tran Bich Ngoc Ecom Easy Ecommerce HCMC


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Wish you all the best with your project!