Rules of Crowdfunding Round –


  1. Reasons to apply
  • This round accounts for 10% of total score of semi-final round
  • This is an effective channel for candidates to practice calling for investment capital
  • This is a way for candidates to check up on the market demand and public support for their ideas
  • This is a way for candidates to promote for themselves as well as their startups
  1. Scoring
  • Total score = score gaining from the total amount of crowdfunding(*) + score gaining from degree of readiness and the quality of required content in THE CROWDFUNDING FORM (submitted)

(*) Score gaining from the total amount of crowdfunding:


(from highest to lowest counted on funding money)

1 100
2 99
3 98
97, 96, 95,…
100 1
  1. What should candidates do?
  • Self media-play and promote for their startups to attract investment capital within 7 days from 9 AM July 15, 2019 to 9 AM July 25, 2019. System shall be closed after that.
  1. Who are the investors? How to regulate investors’ benefits package? What should they do?
  • Who are the investors?

Any individual or organization who is interested in supporting the projects/businesses to carry out the practice of calling investment capital round at in order to help your favorite projects to get maximum score for this round.

  • How to regulate investors’ benefits package?

For each projects, investors shall get 3 differents benefits packages (instead of self-creating benefits package project). These 3 pakages are the same for all projects and also are the evaluation of each investor for the projects:

5-million package: pretty good, protential project

10-million package: great, highly protential project

15-million package: excellent, highly protential, convincing and possible project

  • What should the investors do?

Register at website:

After registing, investors shall support for the projects according to 3 designed benefits package


  • Each investor can vote ONLY one time for each project, counted as the first vote. System shall delete the other votes automatically if any errors are detected.
  • Each investor can invest for different projects.
  • Maximum limit for each investor is 30 millions dong.

This is the final round to select Top 60 to participate in Startup Exchange 2017. Good luck to you all!