Rules for Semi-Final and Final Round Vietnam Startup Wheel 2018


PART 1. 3 CHALLENGES (Every challenge takes 10% of semi-final score)

Chặng Brand identity design and TVC Write business plan Practice crowdfunding at
Requirement Design your brand identity and TVC which have: (You can choose to do all of those thing or not,but Leaflet is compulsory)

• Logo
• Namecard
• Standee (size 0.6×1.6m or 0.8×1.8m)
• Leaflet (biggest size in A4, content in both English and Vietnamese)
• TVC video clip (maximum length is 2 minutes in any form. You can reupload or edit your TVC that you sent from the last ground). If you don’t send us new TVC, we’ll use your old one.

Write your business plan in form in this link [CANDIDATE ID]_PLAN Download crowdfunding information form at  [CANDIDATE ID]_FUNDING, finish it then send organizer. Part 3’s rule will be sent later by mail.
Deadline 11.p.m, Sunday, July 15th, 2018 11.p.m Sunday, July 22th, 2018 11.p.m, Sunday, July 8th, 2018
Mail details Attached file (Add to archive and name):  <Candidate ID>_Brand

Email subject: <Candidate ID>_Brand

Name attached file: <Candidate ID>_Plan

Email subject: <Candidate ID>_Plan

Send your WORD format and name it as: <Candidate ID>_Funding

Email subject: < Candidate ID >_Funding


  • All of the startup from 4 area please send directly to organizer by email If startup enterprise has already had your own brand identity, TVC and business plan, you can send us by the Deadline of part 1.
    • Highest score statup of every part will have a Dinner with Businessmen (Dinner, conversation with Businessmen from Young Businessman Organisation)

PART 2. STARTUP EXCHANGE (Take 70% semi final score)

This is the change to show and introduce startup products with customers and investors. Startup exchange this year is for VIETNAM STARTUP WHEEL 2018 contestant (we’ll pick up top 60 after having part 1’s score) and all of startup in whole coutry. All of investment in Startup exchange is real.

  • Timeline (predicted): August 24, 25th, 2017
  • Place(predicted): Riverside Palace, 360D Bến Vân Đồn street, W4, HCMC

After Startup exchange, we’ll announce startup most success in exchange with specific number of investment. This event will give you some skills: making investment source hear your presentation, convince your investors in 2-minute pitching, raise your fund by organizer’s invest card or Startup Wheel app.

Description At Startup exchange, every startup will have a table to display and present your startup Contestant’ll have 2 minutes to convince the investors.

Judges will evaluate startup by persuasive level of startup and pitching skills.

Yêu cầu You have to prepare and display your products or your demo of service. Display table must be decorated attractively. There must be 2 or 3 people can introduce your product/service to guests and investors. You have to prepare documents, pictures, video clip (or standee, leaflets,etc) about your product (show your product’s commercial potential in shortest way in maximum 2 sides of A4 paper) Prepare sample/demo products

Prepare pitch desk (maximum 7 slides)

After Startup Exchange, we’ll sumarize your semi-final score and annouce top 10 of Finalist


  •  Way of competing: Pitching (Vietnamese or English)
  • Content: Contestants present their startup in 5 minutes, then, discuss with in 10 minutes.
  • *Note: Detail timeline and content of rounds can be changed to fit to the reality. Contestant must commit joining all of the required grounds.