Shark Khoa: startup from the ideas and difference

After leaving university young people always expect to be financially self-reliant, however, they must first consider the choice of employment or start-up, choosing a stable or risky job.

On May 20, businessman Le Dang Khoa known as Shark Khoa answered questions and listened to the entrepreneurial ideas of the students.

The program is held at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities (HCMC National University) attracting a large number of students from universities and colleges in the city.

Get a job early and set up a business later

According to Mr. Khoa, owning a business required a lot of skills, only the more realistic vision you had, the more experience you got. Therefore, did not start a career as soon as you had to go to work first.

Many questioned by students about the secrets of starting a business. Photo: Hieu Tien.

A student asked him how to choose the right company, Shark Khoa said: “If you want to start a business, you should choose a small but potential company and position should be an assistant. Assistant will have to capture, observe many parts of the company and selecting a small company that will offer multidisciplinary opportunities. “

An example of a start-up in the coffee industry, Shark Khoa said that in order to succeed in business, there were a number of issues that needed to be addressed.

“That’s why to go to work to understand the pressure of cost, revenue and profit”, Shark Khoa said.

Potential ideas

A specific example was given by Shark Khoa that was about the development of the brand of the 38 degrees Flower Market Tea House: “Every year the world spends about $ 92 billion on fresh flowers, which is the number that makes me see the potential and decide to invest in. Then come up with the idea of ​​combining two spaces of tea and flower. When the model is received, the system must be developed quickly, creating a chain store with large scale and investment”.

This idea not only created the way of attracting target customers – women – but also brought about the effect of “two-way sales”.

Shark Khoa advised that should you find books about startups in the world to learn how to grow a small and medium business, how to survive and compete with large corporations.

“Do not be afraid to take your ideas and share more, especially with those who succeed, their practical insights can help us see the idea in more ways,” said Mr. Khoa.

He also shared his view on a potential idea: “Products and services that are marketable and supportive. The money must be at least positive, although the scale is small, the money must be bigger than the money spent, which is the first sign that the idea is potential”.


At the same time, Shark Khoa insisted on relying on demand, selling only what the market welcomed. Absolutely did not pursue ideas that were not fit the market.


In order to start a business, you needed to find a good idea and identify the difference – which was the strength of the projects.

Shark listens to any of the students’ ideas. Photo: Hieu Tien.

In terms of the ideas of the students at the program, Shark Khoa criticised that these had not much difference. “Good in quality and service is, of course, a business idea that must be met”, he said.

Be aware of “what you can bring to the industry that no one else can do”, only to be able to become the name that customers first come to when in need. Then the new business can build successful marketing campaigns because “marketing needs to aim for something different”.

“38 degrees Flower selects Ecuadorian roses to make the highlight with the price advantage. Tre Viet combines the strengths of the competition to meet all the needs of entertainment, cuisine, and advantages of distance, etc. That is how to create a highlight to compete “- Shark Khoa analyzed from real business.

The Department of Painting class project for the unknown artist of Thu Trang received from 20 trillion up to 2.2 billion investment by Shark Le Dang Khoa.

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