In 2018, Vietnam Startup Wheel creates a playground with many practical and meaningful activities for 2 new subjects: Scientific researcher; international students and alumni alongside Startups / Groups and Entrepreneurs. This year, Vietnam Startup Wheel 2019 continues to maintain the playing field for these subjects and will encourage and expand foreign candidates to join Vietnam Startup Wheel.

  • Individual or Startup Group: 

Vietnam Startup Wheel expands for all candidates and non-limting of age, geography, all of individual/group, business owner are living, studying and working, doing startup job on Vietnamese territory who have an idea/product/service/creative startup technology are able to register the competition.

For a startup idea is chosen into semi-final, it must be had product or product sample to display at Business Idea-exchange taking place on August 2019

  • Startup Business: 

For startup clay-model had business registration and run under 6 years (prove by sending flie can of Certificate of business registration through email startupwheelvn@gmail.com)

Business’s product/service has existed and comsumed.

  • Scientific Researcher:

Scientific Researcher of Institute/School has realizable product of scientific research that is capable of applying into real life high and commercializing on market.

  • Student Abroad and Former Student Abroad:

Student Abroad and Former Student Abroad have idea/startup business carried out in Vietnam.


  • The ideas, projects used to win the prize for in the Final round of Vietnam  Startup Wheel 2016-2017 would not participate in Vietnam  Startup Wheel 2018.
  • Products/services, projects registerred or belong to the ownership business must  register to participate in Startup Business group. If any mistake is discovered, the organizing committee will cancel the candidate’s right to attend the competition.


The candidates fill in the application form at link: http://startupwheel.vn/dang-ky
The expiry of registration: 30th April 2019

Note: a candidate/group of candidate/startup business can register a lot of  startup projects/ideas.



    • Form of off-line preliminary selection round (only applys at Ho Chi Minh): candidates present within 2 minutes (candidate should prepare such as Powerpoint, product sample or demo to present). Examiner will ask some questions and then candidates will argue around 15 minutes, point will base on some criteria: creativeness, realizable, commercialize/realistic…
    • Form of preliminary selection round gathers on a certain date in Ha Noi, Da Nang and Can Tho (The organizing committee will decide on time and place) or telephone priliminary selection round (apply to the other places): simliar to form of off-line, candidates present within 5 minutes  and then examiner will ask, candidate argues.

The result of preliminary selection: select 100 the most stand-out projects in 4 sections.

Others activities:

  • Intensive training: according to expectation, we will organise at 4 sections in: Ho Chi Minh city, Da Nang, Ha Noi, Can Tho (for candidates register to participate in the competition). Subjects are : build-up idea and make a business plan, Persuade the investor,…
  • An exclusive training for Startup Business group with subjects: Apply Information Technology to Business Administration, Human Resources/Marketing Administration in Startup Business

SEMI-FINAL ROUND (June – July/2019)

Part 1: 3 challenge stages

Stage 1: Write business plan down (account for 10 percent of Semi-final round)

Stage 2: Practice to mobilise Crowdfunding real fund on Fundingvn.com (account for 10 percent of Semi-final round)

Stage 3: Design The brand representative department or carry out TVC to advertise idea/product (account for 10 percent of Semi-final round, candidate select one of two ways)

Part 2: Startup Exchange 2019-organised at Ho Chi Minh (account for 70 percent of Semi-final round)

After Exchange and investment Startup 2019, The organizing committee will publish 10 projects participating in Final round.



  • Form of competition: Pitching
  • Contents of competiton: candidate presents the project within 5 minutes and then argue with examiner council within 10 minutes
  • At the same day, The Final round will take place in the evening and The Award Anniversiry will also take place after that.

*Note: The detailed schedule as well as the content of the rounds can be changed to suit the actual conditions and situation. Candidates must commit to fully participate in the contest required by the Organizing Committee.




Cash prizes will be transferred to individual project representatives within 15 working days after the Vietnam Startup Wheel 2019 Award Ceremony. The winning project must be responsible for personal income tax (PIT). and taxes or fees related to the prize (if any) in accordance with current Vietnamese law. The Organizing Committee will proceed to collect this PIT and pay it to the state budget. This PIT is paid to the Organizer at the same time as the award.



When participating in this contest, the candidates agree with the Organizing Committee to broadcast live, interview, photograph, record, film and publish exhibitions or reproduce to use for the news, narration, for promotional purposes, television programs, advertisements, including on the website or in any form. The BTC and its partners and all related parties are exempt from any responsibility arising from the photographing, recording, recording or publishing photos, recordings, recordings from the this event. When submitting a business plan entry, a brief introduction about the candidate’s business plan will be considered a summary that is widely available and can be used in the relevant document of competition. The organizer will provide copies of the business plans in the competition to the jury and the relevant person in charge, and request these individuals not to make any additional copies. Any acts of fraud, ethics and law violations within the framework of the contest, the Organizer has the right to unilaterally cancel the contestant’s right to participate in the examination and has the right to handle according to law.


Please contact us for more information:  Email: startupwheelvn@gmail.com; facebook: Startup Wheel